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Whole Heart Homes

Talia Sperduto

Founder & Agent



Talia is a real estate professional specializing in coastal & historic home sales in the communities of greater Portsmouth NH & Kittery ME. Whether you are looking to settle in the seacoast, list your home, or add to your investment portfolio, she is ready to guide you through the process of negotiation and purchase, providing local market knowledge and insight. With a background in historic home renovation and a degree in sustainability from Bates College, Talia is dedicated to connecting clients with home service professionals who align with the Seacoast's values of community, heritage, and resiliency.


Talia is passionate about our coastline and the community that calls it home. She is an avid surfer, equestrian, and runner as well as a historic home enthusiast. She spends time volunteering with the Surfrider Association, The Historical Society, and Big Brothers Big Sisters. Talia is also an active member of The Portsmouth Women's City Club, Portsmouth Climate Action, and The Portsmouth Athenaeum!


The coastal communities of greater Portsmouth & Kittery hold some of the richest history in New England. The iconic sea fairing roots of these towns are anchored in part by the colonial, cape and, federal style homes that line their streets.  These buildings continue to stand the test of time, holding physical space for appreciation of where we have come, and lighting the path forward for future generations. Talia and her team are ready to help you navigate the regulations of the historic district and planning board. Keeping a keen eye on zoning, ordinances, and programs pertaining to housing is a top priority for Whole Heart Homes. 


The coastal communities of Southern NH & ME are trail blazers on the path towards building and maintaining infrastructure for a more resilient tomorrow.  Many of New England's premier solar, efficiency, and eco-building vendors are seacoast based. Talia works to develop relationships with these incredible resources, and takes pride in connecting clients with visionary home service professionals. 

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